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How to define the output path of THE "system" command

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Hi all,
I use Matlab script to call Abaqus. The command I use is:
system('/home/xiaohan/abaqus/6.14-1/code/bin/abq6141 noGUI job=L2H1_dynamics inp=/home/xiaohan/AbaqusModels/L2H1_dynamics.inp interactive ask_delete=OFF')
This command runs completely fine, but the outputs exist in current Matlab path, which is not the location I want to store the outputs. So my question is, when using the "system" command, how can I specify the output location (like I did when specify the location of the Abaqus job?)?
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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes il 6 Mar 2018
you could add some MATLAB code to move those files from the current working directory to some pre-defined location (if you know which files to move and to where). that way you don't have to really care about where you are executing the code from.
Xiaohan Du
Xiaohan Du il 6 Mar 2018
sounds good, let me have a try. If you provide an answer below I'll accept it.

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