How can i get the coordinates of a location from (e.g.) Google Maps into matlab?

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I know, that there are several toolboxes on the file exchange, that do the opposite thing.
I want to select a point in google maps and have its coordinates transfered to MATLAB.
The aim is, to select some points along a route in Google Maps, and then calculate the route, that connects them (length, radius of turns, etc.)
I'm open for any ideas.
Thank you all in advance.

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Ahmet Cecen
Ahmet Cecen on 9 Mar 2018
To do this in an automated where you click on a map point and a coordinate appears in MATLAB in real time would require a massive undertaking. I suggest 2 work arounds:
1) When you click a point in Google Maps, its location will pop up at the bottom in a rectangular window. Use screen capture, then process that image to extract the coordinates. Screenshot using MATLAB
2) Use Google Earth instead and save the points you selected into a KML file. Then write a MATLAB script that grabs the KML file and processes it. This should help a little.

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