Polyspace PDF report not rendering characters

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PDF report generation does not work on debian. Debian version is Debian GNU/Linux 8.10 (jessie).
PDF contains all #####. Numbers seem to be displayed. Also some of the template content (mainly copyright and some titles in the document) are also displayed. All relevant information is replaced with ###.
polyspace-report-generator -results-dir build/bugfinder/project -format pdf -template "/opt/matlab/R2016a/polyspace/toolbox/psrptgen/templates/bug_finder/BugFinder.rpt"
Warning: MATLAB does not support bit depths less than or equal to 8.
Figure windows may not be usable
Polyspace Report Generator
Generating Report
Template : /opt/matlab/R2016a/polyspace/toolbox/psrptgen/templates/bug_finder/BugFinder.rpt
Results-dir : /local/teh/projects/git/project/build/bugfinder/project
Format : pdf
Output-Name : build/bugfinder/project/Polyspace-Doc/project_BugFinder.pdf
Beginning report
Processing Summary
Processing Metrics Summary
Processing Defect details
Processing Configuration
Processing Abbreviations and Acronyms
Converting report
Report complete
Log is shown for bugfinder, but same is true for codeprover report generation in PDF. Report generation for HTML is fine. Changing the template to a different folder, or generating PDF from graphical interface gives same/similar results.

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Stein Heselmans
Stein Heselmans il 9 Apr 2018
Problem is a font-problem. Although fixing this problem with fonts is probably possible, i upgraded to R2018a (from R2016a) and the PDF rendering works.

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