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Reading text in a cell array

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hasan alhussaini
hasan alhussaini il 13 Mar 2018
Risposto: per isakson il 13 Mar 2018
Basically i have a variable called imagetype1, that is a 1x1 cell. that tells gives me a category type such as flowers,dogs,sheep,camels,sky etc i'm trying to do an IF statement. my code is the following if imagetype1 == 'flowers'
but i keep getting the following error "Undefined operator '==' for input arguments of type 'cell'."
i'm basically trying to say if the 1x1 cell in imagetype1 is flowers then do the following statement. any ideas? thanks

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per isakson
per isakson il 13 Mar 2018
if strcmp( imagetype1, 'flowers' ) % recommended


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