C-Code Polyspace MISRA-C check without Polyspace value range and overflow checks

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Hallo Support Team,
is it possible to run a Polyspace Code Prover job (C-Code) only for MISRA-C checks without carrying out Polyspace value range and overflow checks (Etc.)?
The reason of this question is that a complete Polyspace Code Prover job requires several days untli completion. And we are only interested in misrca-c at this point.
Thank you and best regards! Andreas

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Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros il 14 Mar 2018
Since most of the coding rule violations are found during the "compilation" phase, I suggest you to stop the verification at the end of this phase.
To do that, in your configuration, go to Precision, and for the Verification level, choose "Source Compliance checking".
Best regards,

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aluppold il 15 Mar 2018
Thank you very much!

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