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How can I change the icon of my AppDesigner-produced GUIs?

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I would like to easily distinguage my GUI from the figures when pressing Alt+Tab so I can access it faster. Now when I run the GUIs they have the same icon as a regular figure...
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Marc McLean
Marc McLean il 19 Apr 2019
How do you change the icon in the upper left of the .mlappp GUI launched from AppDesigner?

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre il 29 Ott 2020
Starting with R2020b, you can now specify custom icons for UI figure windows and toolbar push and toggle tools. See the release notes here.

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li li
li li il 11 Dic 2021
Modificato: li li il 11 Dic 2021
R2020b OR Last version
function startupFcn(app)
app.uifigure .Icon='logo.png';

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre il 20 Apr 2019
Modificato: Cris LaPierre il 29 Ott 2020
R2020b update: See this answer.
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Micke Malmström
Micke Malmström il 5 Mar 2020
Note that I dont want to change the icon of the Matlab application (which "this answer" says you cant and which is understandable). I only want to change the icon of one particular figure window, so that I can find it easily when I have >25 figures open at the same time.

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Robert il 29 Ott 2020
Add this to your startupFcn:
t = 0;
tMax = 5;
dt = 0.1;
while ~isfield(struct(struct(app.UIFigure).Controller), 'PlatformHost') && t < tMax
% Keep waiting until the window is found.
t = t + dt;
win = struct(struct(struct(app.UIFigure).Controller).PlatformHost).CEF;
win.Icon = 'C:\Folder\MyIcon.ico';
Of course, you may have renamed the UIFIgure property of your app.
In R2016b and older, replace 'PlatformHost' with 'Container'.


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