How can you call a LabVIEW VI from MATLAB script?

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I was wondering if I could run a LabVIEW VI through a command/function in MATLAB. I don't want exchange of any data, or anything fancy. I just want to run the VI at a specific time through my MATLAB code. I looked up the net and found this:
However, whenever I try to run this, I get the error
Error using
Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception:
Source: LabVIEW
Description: LabVIEW: Open VI Reference no
longer matches VIs in memory by filename. A
filename is no longer sufficient because the
full name of a VI now includes any owning
Error in readColorVI (line 7)
Can anyone help me around with this error? From what I gather, it seems I need to provide something else along the path of the VI? If so, what is it? Is there any other way to do it?

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Ahmet Cecen
Ahmet Cecen on 28 Mar 2018
If you have them both installed this should just work:
Deepansh Bhatia
Deepansh Bhatia on 29 Mar 2018
Awesome! Worked like a charm! Thank you so very much.

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Stefano Franceschini
Stefano Franceschini on 7 Sep 2018
hi! i saw this code and I wanted to test it, but when I run the "e=actxserver('LabVIEW.Application');" line, and matlab shows me this error "Error using feval Server Creation Failed: Impossible to find the specific file.
Error in actxserver (line 86) h=feval(['COM.' convertedProgID], 'server', machinename, interface); " Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
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Guillaume on 7 Sep 2018
Edited: Guillaume on 7 Sep 2018
"Does anyone know how to fix this issue?"
Install LabVIEW.

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NI_OS on 25 Feb 2020
You need LabVIEW & MATLAB on the same machine installed and licensed.
I'll tested it with LV2019SP1 & MATLAB R2019b:
!start C:\Users\NI\Desktop\
This code works perfect for running a LabVIEW VI out of MATLAB.
See the LabVIEW attatched as a Snipped:


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