insertin string variables to headers

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antonet on 23 May 2012
Hi all,
I have the matrix A which is A=
Columns 1 through 7
'l12' 'l13' 'l14' 'l15' 'l23'
and i want to apply something like
header={ 'time' A }; xlswrite('filename.xlsx', header) but it does not work as when i open the excel file i see as header only 'time' and not the elements of A.

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Jessica Lam
Jessica Lam on 23 May 2012
hope it helps .....
output(1,1)=cellstr('time' );
xlswrite('filename.xlsx', output);
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antonet on 23 May 2012
Hi jessica
Just a small correction and it seems that it works!
Instead of output(1,2:length(A)+1)=num2cell(A);
replace with output(1,2:length(A)+1)=A;
thank you

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