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Visualizing features and activations in a DAG model

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Matlab engineers have to come up with a concrete example on visualizing features and activations in a DAG model and not the usual sequential models including ALexNet that has already been discussed in the earlier Matlab Versions. Since Matlab is an optimized package, I except to get better visualizations from the trained models in comparison to using open source python codes for visualization. I have mentioned this in several Matlab seminars organized at the NIH but didn't find a useful solution until now. Kindly act on these and make it available ASAP.

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Shounak Mitra
Shounak Mitra il 17 Ago 2018
Hi Siva,
Great feedback. DAG activations was something that was out with the 18a release in March.
Does something like this (below link) answer your question. Please let us know what else you'd like to see.

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