How do I pass an object into a timer callback function?

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The main part of my code has an object called cam. In the middle of the code, I want to call a timer to execute [~,b]=cam.Aqquisition.IsFished every second and output b.
cam = uc480.Camera;
%... unrelated
t = CheckTimer;
In a separate file, I have
function t=CheckTimer
t = timer;
t.TimerFcn = @check;
t.Period = 1;
t.TasksToExecute = 10;
t.ExecutionMode = 'fixedSpacing';
function check(~,~)
The error message is: Undefined variable "cam" or class "cam.Acquisition.IsFinished". if I put cam.Acquisition.IsFinished in main part of my code, it works fine.
cam = uc480.Camera;
%... unrelated
How do I pass the object "cam" into a timer callback function and output "b"?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 27 Apr 2022
Pass cam in with an anonymous function when you create the timer
cam = camera
t = timer(TimerFcn=@(~,~)checkFinished(cam))
function checkFinished(cam)

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