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I am using Simulink Real-Time now and I encountered some problems. After I boot my target computer from the network successfully, I run the confidence test, and it failed at Test 4, as shown below.
The following pictures are the messages display on the target computer. The first one is Graphics mode, and the second one is not Graphics mode.
I have already installed the required compiler - Microsoft Visual C++ 2017, and "mex -setup" can detect it, as shown below.
I hope somebody can help me to solve this problem, thank you. My MATLAB version is R2017a, and my OS is Win7.

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Jon Lobo
Jon Lobo on 3 Jul 2018
Hi Chien-Ping,
I believe that your target computer is not formatted correctly. In prior versions you could use a FAT16 formatted hard drive. In R2017a, a FAT32 formatted hard drive is required.
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Chien-Ping Wu
Chien-Ping Wu on 13 Dec 2018
I found that I just need to remove the hard drive in the target computer (or disable it in the BIOS), and this issue would not occur.

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