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What solvers can be used for LSTM timeseries forecast.

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James Lu
James Lu on 13 Apr 2018
Answered: mizuki on 14 Apr 2018
Hi, I have a problem running the example openExample('nnet/TimeSeriesForecastingUsingDeepLearningExample').
First of all, this example wasn't found. After I copied the code and pasted in the editor and run it, it says that I used a invalid solver. Can anyone help me with this? What solver options can I use?

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James Lu
James Lu on 13 Apr 2018
This is the linke to the documentation page:

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mizuki on 14 Apr 2018
In R2017b, you can use only 'sgdm' (Stochastic gradient descent with momentum optimizer). In R2018a, there are two additional optimizer options - 'rmsprop' and 'adam.'
See the "solverName" section under trainingoptions documentation:


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