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How to import result data from OpenFOAM to matlab?

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hello, I want to import the result data from OpenFOAM which are compressed to matlab to plot the results and compare them with the results of other flow models. Can anyone please help me with the code?
Regards, Mahendra

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Precise Simulation
Precise Simulation il 27 Mag 2019
Dear Mahendra,
If this is still relevant, you can both run OpenFOAM CFD simulations directly in MATLAB and import/export Foam and ParaView VTK results files from/to MATLAB with the FEATool Multiphysics Toolbox (as well as other formats).
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Precise Simulation
Precise Simulation il 16 Feb 2021
Import is typically done automatically for you after the solution process but you can use the openfoam m-code function
in the Matlab CLI to import OpenFOAM data as:
sol.u = openfoam( fea, 'mode', 'import', ... );
Arman Burkitbayev
Arman Burkitbayev il 7 Set 2022
can you please also let me know fro where can I find information about connecting my matlab model with OpenFOAM or ANsys models. I would like to run both simluations openfoam and matlab together as a input and output files.

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Seyyed Ali
Seyyed Ali il 21 Mag 2018
Hi Mahendra,
Have you found anything? The only I have found so far is that you can convert data to VTK (foamToVTK) and read VTK in matlab using some VTK reader function. I have not found a better solution yet.
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Arman Burkitbayev
Arman Burkitbayev il 7 Set 2022
you might do it as a input and output files when you connect matlab and openfoam models.

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