using cat for a sequence of files

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antonet on 29 May 2012
suppose that I have some excel files(more than 2, actually 12). How can i use the command ' cat ' in a loop? I want to place one excel file below the other
I am looking something like:
clear all;
fname = {'dataoutput1.xlsx','dataoutput2.xlsx','dataoutput3.xlsx','dataoutput4.xlsx'};
for i=1:length(fname)
a = xlsread(fname{i})
lo=cat(length(fname), a(i,:))
Does it matter if the files have different dimensions?

Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 29 May 2012
about function cat
fname = {'dataoutput1.xlsx','dataoutput2.xlsx','dataoutput3.xlsx','dataoutput4.xlsx'};
a = cellfun(@xlsread,fname,'un',0);
[m,n] = cellfun(@size,a);
mm = max(m);
mn = max(n);
out1 = arrayfun(@(x,y,z)[x{:},nan(y,mn-z)],a,m,n,'un',0);
out1 = cat(1,out1{:});
out2 = arrayfun(@(x,y,z)[x{:};nan(mm-y,z)],a,m,n,'un',0);
out2 = cat(2,out2{:});

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