String parsing

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skyimager il 30 Mag 2012
input string s='Temp : 34, Altitude : 35, Pressure : 45' . I now want to store Temp, Alt and Pressure value in three different Strings. How to do the parsing in this case..??? Pls help.

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Geoff il 30 Mag 2012
It kinda depends on how flexible you need to be. Are the tags ever in a different order? Is the format EXACTLY as given? Are the numbers always integers?
Something as simple as this could work:
sscanf(s, 'Temp : %f, Altitude : %f, Pressure : %f')
[EDIT] Oh, sorry, you said "strings":
regexp(s, ':\s*(\d+),.*:\s*(\d+),.*:\s*(\d+)', 'tokens')
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Geoff il 30 Mag 2012
\s* matches 0 or more whitespace characters. \d+ matches 1 or more digits (note that if you want to accept non-integers or negative values, you can probably get away with using \w+ which matches 1 or more non-whitespace characters) . The parentheses means I want to specifically extract the stuff inside. Read the help for regexp, or find regular expression tutorials on the internet. These things are not just confined to MatLab.

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