Errorbar: change line width of marker line, not of error bars

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Hello everyone,
I plotted multiple lines with their errorbars using the following function:
However, with some lines and errorbars in one plot, this gets a bit messy. What I wanted to do, is to highlight the "main marker line" (the "mw" values so to say) to make them stand out a bit more. But if I do it via "LineWidth", the main line plus errorbar becomes bigger. Is there a way to exlude the errorbars?
Thank you in advance!

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sloppydisk il 7 Mag 2018
Modificato: sloppydisk il 7 Mag 2018
Unfortunately the errorbar data type does not have any children you can edit directly. I would probably do something like this as a workaround:
angle = rand(20, 1);
mw = 1:20;
stdev = .1*ones(20, 1);
errorbar(mw, angle,stdev, 'LineStyle', 'None');
hold on
plot(mw, angle, 'LineWidth', 3);
hold off
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katha_lala il 7 Mag 2018
Thank you! That's what I did as a workaround, but good to know that there is no better alternative to that :)
Loc Q. Huynh
Loc Q. Huynh il 25 Giu 2022
What if I want to add the legend after that? In my case, I have 2 arrays and the legend showed 4 set of data instead of 1.

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Zhuohe Liu
Zhuohe Liu il 14 Apr 2023
Actually, you may control separately the cap, bar and line style using hidden properties. For example, as I tested in r2023a. However, the legend icon might need to be changed separately.
e = errorbar([1, 2], [1, 2], [0.5, 0.6], 'DisplayName', 'Demo');
e.Cap.LineWidth = 1;
e.Bar.LineWidth = 1;
e.Line.LineWidth = 2;
xlim([0, 3]);


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