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Leaving a blank line between inputs

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Wyatt il 31 Mag 2012
I apologize if this is a rookie question--I'm still learning MATLAB. I have a script which requires the user to enter inputs via the input('some question :', 's') prompt. I know that '\n' skips to the next line in the 'some question' part of the argument. I would like to do something similar, but '\n' doesn't seem to do the trick.
Because my script prompts the user with multiple questions in a row, I would like to leave a blank line between each prompt to improve readability. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
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Kaome O'Faire
Kaome O'Faire il 19 Set 2016
fprintf('\n') underneath the line you're trying to make a space for.
Giuseppe Degan Di Dieco
Giuseppe Degan Di Dieco il 18 Apr 2021
Dear Kaome,
thank you!
I didn't think of it!

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Geoff il 31 Mag 2012
input('\nsome question :', 's')
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Wyatt il 31 Mag 2012
Thanks much! So simple in retrospect...
Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 1 Giu 2012
Why not move from the primitive command line age into the modern GUI age with inputdlg() instead?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 31 Mag 2012
fprintf(1, '\n');
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Daniyal Altaf Baloch
Daniyal Altaf Baloch il 11 Apr 2020
worked perfect.
just add before or after the "input prompt" depending where you want the blank line.
For example in my case I did so:
prompt = ['Enter <1> for Case 1:Boost control or' newline 'Enter <2> for Case 2: Boost + inj.Fuel control:' newline ': '];
xx = input(prompt);
fprintf('\n') % this command skips a line in the Command Window just to improve readability
and the result in Command Window shows like this"
Hence now the cursor moves to the third line where I enter my value (in this case "1")

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