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antonet on 4 Jun 2012
Dear all,
I have some data on prices for a specific good across time and across countries. The first problem is that the start and end date for each country is different. For example
Austria Belgium
"2/11/08" "07/12/08"
"30/11/08" "04/01/09"
"28/12/08" "01/02/09"
"25/01/09" "01/03/09
"22/02/09" "29/03/09"
The second problem is that the time span for each country is different. For example the data for France are available for 39 periods of 4 weeks(or 28 days) The data for Belgium are available for 36 periods of 4 weeks.
The third problem is that I have jumps which means that in some cases the next date is not always every after 4 weeks. Put differently, the distance that separates apart two successive dates in not always 28 days but in some cases it is 29 , 27 or 34.
Is there anything I can do (any function perhaps?) to solve these 3 problems. If I do not solve these problems I will not be able to use the data set for analysis. Please be as specific as you can
antonet on 6 Jun 2012
thank you oleg

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