How to create drag and drop in App Designer?

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Tai Jia Xun
Tai Jia Xun il 26 Mag 2018
Risposto: Andreas Bernatzky il 14 Set 2020
I want to create a GUI logic gate simulator where users can drag and drop the logic gates. I found a way in GUIDE but how about App Designer?
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Chelsea Mohammed
Chelsea Mohammed il 22 Ott 2019
Hey, did you figure out how to implement it in AppDesigner?
Tai Jia Xun
Tai Jia Xun il 27 Ott 2019
@chelsea. Hi, unfortunately i did not, but i hard copy the components i want and fix their position and only allow users to change the parameter instead. ( non- preferrable) .

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Andreas Bernatzky
Andreas Bernatzky il 14 Set 2020
Hi this did the Job for me:


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