Why I am I not able to edit appdesigner in Ubuntu?

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When I was following the initial tutorial of app designer, I happened to edit the slider word to amplitude but I couldn't do it. Later I found that I cannot edit anything except drag and drop of components in canvas. Please help me as I need to finish designing a UI soon.
Thanks, Vinayak Bhatte

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Michael Peter Siemon
Michael Peter Siemon il 2 Mar 2019
I am having the same problem on Arch / Gnome3.
There is a bug report to this problem (https://de.mathworks.com/support/bugreports/1797911) but the specified workaround (switching to a different desktop envirenment) is not really satisfactory to me.
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Eric il 25 Giu 2019
Modificato: Eric il 25 Giu 2019
There is a second workaround option in this bug report to change the focus mode to "click", which ended up working for me. It's a far more satisfactory solution than switching to a new desktop environment.

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Kiran Vishnu
Kiran Vishnu il 27 Ago 2020
This bug is open for more than 2 years (from R2018a to R2020a). Mathworks not providing a fix for it is completely unsatisfactory . Hope they provide a fix in R2020b.
On Ubuntu 18.04 with KDE , Ctrl-Alt-A shortcut works as mentioned above.

Yinlei Hu
Yinlei Hu il 21 Dic 2018
I am having the same problem in Ubuntu18.04

Serguei Miridonov
Serguei Miridonov il 2 Mag 2020
In Ubuntu 18.04 with KDE when the App Designer window is active (click it as usual) use the global shortcut Ctrl-Alt-A (Activate Window Demanding Attention). After that the keyboard input is accepted by the App Designer.


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