3d Bar plot on map

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Ranjan Sonalkar
Ranjan Sonalkar on 30 May 2018
Commented: Ranjan Sonalkar on 31 May 2018
I have a floor plan in a .jpeg or .png file, that I can read and display with the function image with the x-y coordinates. I also have another quantity, z, for a few, N, selected x-y locations of the floor coordinates. I would like to draw 3D bars at the appropriate N locations corresponding to the values of z. Would appreciate any help to do this.

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Rishabh Rathore
Rishabh Rathore on 31 May 2018
Edited: Rishabh Rathore on 31 May 2018
You can plot image as a surface (on x-y plane) using the following code
%Insert Image
x=1:25; %change x,y to suite your requirements
After that use the function provided in the link below to plot the bar graph.
Ranjan Sonalkar
Ranjan Sonalkar on 31 May 2018
that works. Thanks for the help.

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