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How do I change axes orientation to a desired one

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Ziv Kassner
Ziv Kassner on 31 May 2018
Commented: Ziv Kassner on 31 May 2018
I have a 3D data set in which I want to plot (367*6 - xyz of to points). I want to define the Y and Z axis so it will be +15 degrees from this vector:
Y = [0,0,0;-0.018989,0.076843,0.004179];
How can I rotate my data in +15 degrees? p.s. The Z axis is already defined and I use matlab 2014b
Thank you, Ziv


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Pawel Jastrzebski
Pawel Jastrzebski on 31 May 2018
See documentation for:

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Ziv Kassner
Ziv Kassner on 31 May 2018
I want to rotate my data to the above mentioned Y axis. This is different from viewing it differently...

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