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How to See Regionprops Results on Seperate Windows

Asked by Murat Kocaman on 4 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Murat Kocaman on 4 Jun 2018
My study gives results on matlab interface. The line is:
Is it possible to see these values on a seperate window as a result?


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Answer by Varun Garg on 4 Jun 2018
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Hi Murat,
I understand from your question that you want to see your table s in a separate window. I think uitable will solve your problem.
Example Snippet:
a = imread('circlesBrightDark.png');
bw = a < 100;
stats = regionprops('table',bw,'Centroid', 'MajorAxisLength','MinorAxisLength')
uitable('Data', [stats.Centroid stats.MajorAxisLength stats.MinorAxisLength],...
'ColumnName', {'Centroid_X', 'Centroid_Y', 'MajorAxisLength','MinorAxisLength'}, ...
'Position', [20 20 500 150]);
You can later save the generated figure for later use. Hope my answer helps.

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Yes this was what i need thank you.

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