how to interrupt a while loop??

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IPSAS il 6 Giu 2012
Commentato: Danilo Teran il 10 Mag 2017
in GUI, I try to interrupt a while loop...let's say.. a program initiate while loop when button A are pushed, and i want to stop/interupt the loop by pushing button B.. any idea????

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 6 Giu 2012
You cannot do that.
The closest you can get is to have button B set a variable in a place that the code in button A can reach, with that code checking the value periodically. For example,
Button B:
set(handles.buttonA, 'UserData', 'stop');
Button A:
set(handles.buttonA, 'Userdata', []);
while ....
curval = get(handles.buttonA, 'UserData');
if ~isempty(curval) && strcmp(curval, 'stop')
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Danilo Teran
Danilo Teran il 10 Mag 2017
Hi I did your suggestion, but I can never stop routine on Pushbutton A. Shall I do something extra in PushburronB

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Geoff il 6 Giu 2012
In your GUI, set some user data to your GUI handle.
In your loop, check this data and break accordingly.


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