Genetic Algorithm

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Gun on 26 Mar 2011
Hello.I am new to matlab so i am not very good it in.I have a problem.I wanted to do a fitness function which contains like below:
I have the measured data and i have put it in an excel file. The problem is how am i suppose to write it in GA?I just can't seem to create the function.Really am sorry for troubling you guys.
Thank you.

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Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell on 28 Mar 2011
The first thing you need is to read in the data using xlsread and put it in the variable Measured_data. Then you can create your fitness function as an anonymous function like this:
fitness_function = @(x) mean(abs(Measured_data(:)-x(:)))
The nice thing about using an anonymous function is that the measured data become fixed parameters and you have a function of only one variable, as ga requires.

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