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Simbiology - limits in fitting

Asked by shamil gemuev on 20 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by shamil gemuev on 21 Jun 2018
Hello, I passed enormous time trying to fit the model in Simbiology unsuccessfully . Using the initial values is not enough for model fitting, and I need to define limits for the variables. How is it possible?


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Answer by Arthur Goldsipe on 20 Jun 2018

If you are using the function sbiofit from the command line, you can specify bounds using the estimatedInfo input argument as described here. You can also specify bounds in the Fit Task in the SimBiology desktop. You can find a more extensive example here.
You may also want to try using a global optimization like scattersearch.

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Thank you, that's really helpful for the command line.
But I didn't find any information about desktop version (Fit Task) in the links you have given. I send you a screenshot of what I have. Could you explain the way to do it in desktop version? Thank you.

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