Send alert mail if matlab/computer shuts down

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Martin on 20 Jun 2018
Commented: Rik on 20 Jun 2018
As laid out in the title, what would a proper or easy way of doing this be? I have two computers, if A shuts down with main matlab, I would like B to send the alert mail (I can e.g. use matlab for this)...
Hope to hear from you, thanks in advance

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Rik on 20 Jun 2018
You should be able to send emails with Matlab, see this post. You can put this in a piece of logic that checks if the other computer is up (assuming something like that is possible).
Rik on 20 Jun 2018
That depends on how they are connected. Can they ping each other? You could use a file syncing system (e.g. dropbox) where you rename a file (which include an identifier for the pc) every fixed interval (e.g. 5 minutes). Then when 1 Matlab notices the other's file is 2 time stamps behind, you can assume that pc is down.

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