How can I remove the Default selection in Listbox GUI?

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I always see the top option in the listbox is default selected. How to remove this default selection?
Please help me. I checked the property inspector but couldn't find any solution. Thanks!

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz il 20 Lug 2018
Modificato: Adam Danz il 20 Lug 2018
If you'd rather have the 2nd one as default set the 'Value' property to 2.
If you want there to be no default, set the 'Value' property to an empty matrix and set the 'Max' and 'Min' properties to satisfy the following condition:
Max - Min > 1
Note that this will also allow the user to select >1 from the listbox. More info .
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz il 20 Lug 2018
You need to set that value either 1) when you are creating the listbox (as in my example) or 2) in the properties menu if you're using GUIDE.
You can also change the 'value' setting any time by using the handle to the listbox.
lb.Value = [];
set(lb, 'Value', [])

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