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I am looking for an automated way to remove "Old" results from a Polyspace Metrics Server

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I have setup my CI server to run Polyspace BugFinder on Branch Creation and Pull Request creation so that we can determine if new issues were created during the development process. Ideally I would like a way to delete the information on the Polyspace Metrics Server when the branch is deleted, but would be satisfied with a way to automatically purge files after they are so old. Right clicking and selecting delete is to manual for my needs.

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Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros il 20 Lug 2018
Hi Matt,
We will soon publish a tool for that but we can already send it to you. Please contact the support to have it in advance.
Best regards,

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Matt Blackburn
Matt Blackburn il 20 Dic 2018
has this tool been released yet?

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