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Saving figure data statistics without using the GUI?

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Can I save all the xstats and ystats of a specific figure without doing it manually? I can currently do it by opening each figure, going to tools, data statistics and save to workspace on data1, data2,... There must be a better way than doing it manually.


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Accepted Answer

Ryan Takatsuka
Ryan Takatsuka on 20 Jul 2018
You can create a function to collect this data for you. To create a structure with the same format as Tools -> Data Statistics from the figure menu, the following function can be used:
function data_stats = getDataStats(data)
% This function gets the data statistics that can be found in the figure menu:
% Tools -> Data Statistics
% stats = getDataStats(data)
% data: a vector containing the data to get statistics for
% data_stats: A structure containing the same information from 'Data Statistics'
data_stats.min = min(data);
data_stats.max = max(data);
data_stats.mean = mean(data);
data_stats.median = median(data);
data_stats.mode = mode(data);
data_stats.std = std(data);
data_stats.range = data_stats.max - data_stats.min;


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