Linux: Difference between bin/glnax64 and sys/os/glnax64

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I am a software developer working on a project which requires me to check a linux system for a valid MATLAB installation. To do this, I am checking for instances of the required .so files, particularly,, and I am wondering what the difference is between the two directories mentioned in the question, and if I need to check both for the .so files in question. Thanks.

Accepted Answer

Josh G.
Josh G. on 16 Aug 2018
These directories include different libraries. If you look through them, you'll see that sys/os/glnxa64 has C,C++, and Fortran libraries (and a few others as well). bin/glnxa64 has quite a few libraries that seem to be specific to Matlab.
The libraries you mentioned are in the bin/glnxa64 directory.

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