Adding Frequency Fluctuation in Simulink Model of Battery energy storage for Frequency stabilization of Grid

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Hello all, I am a student of Master of Electrical engineering studying in an Australian university. My Graduation project is about providing frequency control services to the grid using battery storage and it is going to be simulated in MATLAB. But the thing is that I am not very familiar with MATLAB's Simulink environment and was confused about how I can give frequency fluctuations and show that frequency can be stabilized using battery storage in a particular time frame? Any suggestion of mechanism to simulate such a system in Simulink. If not possible in Simulink than any suggestion of software that I can use to simulate such a system. Any suggestion would be a great help. Thank you.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 5 May 2022
Hello Manthan,
I realize this question is a bit late to be useful to your post, but Aditya's comment mean that hopefully it is relevant to his similar question.
The first thing to do is to start with the free onramps to make sure you have a basic understading of Simulink and Simscape.
Then you can use controlled sources to put any frequency you want in your simulation. You can generate any arbitrary frequency sin wave you want in Simulink by passing a value (frequency) into an integrator, multiplying by 2*pi and then passing that into a sin block. (you can also put a sum block in there to provide for phase offset if that is relevant to you).


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