Multiple monitors - variable and editor always open offscreen: modify Root Properties?

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I have three monitors side by side and Matlab behavior finally bugs me enough to reach out... My primary laptop monitor is 1080x1920. when I open a variable or editor, it's offscreen, at [1,1] on my laptop monitor.
I think I see what's going on. I believe Matlab thinks my laptop is 1440 and uses 1,1 of the 1440 rather than 1080 constraint.
Here's my get:
%>> get(0,'MonitorPositions')
ans =
1 1 1920 1080
1921 1 2560 1440
4481 1 2560 1440
Ok now I thought I could change the matrix as shown and set to overcome this issue.
% 1 360 1920 1080
1921 1 2560 1440
4481 1 2560 1440
Placing the upper left corner start at the diff between Horiz vals... however I cannot set Root Properties.
Is there anyway to get Matlab to stop being annoying? thanks in advance, Jerry

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