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More Arduino(UNO)-Simulink example !!

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Mohammad AlShawabkeh
Mohammad AlShawabkeh on 17 Jun 2012
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Hello all :) I need to more complex and useful projects and example using Simulink-Arduino (UNO), rather than the embedded example of ArduinoIO. Greetings,

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Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer
Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer on 19 Jun 2012
Hi Mohammad, You're using R2011a. Simulink R2012a, which is the earliest version that supports Target for Use with Arduino, includes:
  • Getting started with Arduino Uno hardware (Tutorial)
  • Servo control (Tutorial)
  • Drive with PID control (Application example)
  • Getting started with Arduino Mega 2560 hardware (Tutorial)
  • Communicating with Arduino Mega 2560 hardware (Tutorial)

Dan Lluch
Dan Lluch on 22 Jun 2012
Check out the Arduino Support from Simulink facecast as well: (then click on Arduino Support from Simulink video).
Note that you can interface to arduino via Simulink using Arduino I/O, but that doesn't put the algorithm on the board.

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