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Segmentation of color image using depth information

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I have an already acquired database of color and depth images. My goal is to use the depth image to segment the color image using the information from the nearest object. The problem I have is that the 2 images have different resolutions (depth -> 240*320, color ->480*640) so I found a problem during segmentation. To remedy this problem I looked everywhere to find a solution and what I found is as follows :
1) the use of registration based on calibration information
2) mapping always using calibration information
My problem is that I haven't found the right approach that I can follow and that is very clear.
Note that the calibration information I have is :
fx, fy ,cx ,cy ,k1 ,k2 ,k3 ,p1 ,p2, for the color image and the depth image.
I will be grateful if someone can help me and any information can be useful.
This is the depth and the color image i want to segment the hand in the color image using the depth image

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 11 Ago 2018
Assuming they both cover the very same field of view, I'd simply resize them to the same size with imresize(). Can you do that?
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jenny jenny
jenny jenny il 23 Ago 2018
Hello Sir, I added the color and depth images

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