10GigE support with the Data Aquisition Toolbox

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Jason Malizia
Jason Malizia on 13 Aug 2018
Commented: Jason Malizia on 17 Aug 2018
GigE vision is supported with the image aquisition toolbox. However, some new cameras on the market are now using the 10GigE interface. My question is: can I interface with a camera using the 10GigE interface using MATLAB's data aquisition toolbox?

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Brian Hu
Brian Hu on 16 Aug 2018
Hi Jason,
The MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox follows a device dependent hardware support systems. Here is a list of hardware devices currently supported by the Data Acquisition Toolbox. If the camera you plan on using to acquire data is in this list, then it is supported by the DAQ Toolbox.
However if you wish to capture images using a specific camera with the Image Acquisition Toolbox, then you may wish to look into other different supported standards. If you can provide me with the specific camera model that you wish to use the 10GigE interface with, I can take a closer look into your issue.
Jason Malizia
Jason Malizia on 17 Aug 2018
There is a very high likelihood that we will purchase this camera in the near future so I will keep this updated after I attempt to interface with the camera using matlab.

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