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Create apps with Ribbon UI

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Gebhard Stopper
Gebhard Stopper il 20 Ago 2018
Risposto: Gebhard Stopper il 30 Apr 2019
Is it possible to create MATALB apps with a ribbon interface instead of ordinary menus and toolbars? I have noticed that some examples, like the Registration Estimator come with a ribbon UI. So I guess there might be a way to have on in my own apps.

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Gebhard Stopper
Gebhard Stopper il 30 Apr 2019
I just recently stumbled across this mini series of blog posts on how to build a Ribbon (Stoolstrip) UI.
Here's a link to the first part:
That is exactly what I was looking for!

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Akshay Khadse
Akshay Khadse il 30 Ago 2018
As per my knowledge, the creation of Ribbon UI elements is not supported in MATLAB apps. The list of currently supported components in App Designer can be found here . You can still look into Tab Group and Panel for achieving a similar UI layout.
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Gebhard Stopper
Gebhard Stopper il 3 Set 2018
I tried to imitate the ribbon look with tab group and panel but, I was pretty unhappy with the result. For example, the panels don't allow to move the title to the bottom, so I had to fiddle around with labels. (Which are quite unhandy, especially when you want to change something later on).

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