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Matrix and tables fusion

Asked by Aziza Zaouga on 30 Aug 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Aziza Zaouga on 30 Aug 2018
Hello everyone, Is it possible to create a matrix with cell containing each, 2 values ( knowing that the number of rows and columns are fixed). For example, Mat is a Matrix with 4 rows and 5 columns and I want that Mat(i,j) is containing 2 values.
Thank you in advancd for your help


on 30 Aug 2018
You've mixed matrix (assumedly meaning of a numeric type), cell, and table quite confusingly in your question.
What is your actual desired output data type? Do you have a preference, or does anything that nests 2 values suffice? What's your final goal - plot, arithmetic, print to file…? What you want to do with the variable can enforce a preference on its type.
Aziza Zaouga on 30 Aug 2018
In fact, I have 2 values to be inserted in the same cell of my Matrix and to be used in some calculations in my program.

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1 Answer

Answer by Greg
on 30 Aug 2018

Assuming a table output variable is acceptable:
Var1 = randi(99,10,2);
Var2 = randi(10,10,1);
T = table(Var1,Var2)
T(3,1) % Still of type "table"
T{3,1} % Now of type 2x1 "double"


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