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On using bagofFeatures for a large dataset

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Deepak Sivadas
Deepak Sivadas il 30 Ago 2018
Risposto: Deepak Sivadas il 6 Set 2018
Hi, I was working with feature extraction for medical images. On attempting 'bagofFeatures' function in matlab2018a, I observe the following: 1. When '.mat' files are given, an error is reported. Later I gave 'jpg' files, it works and gives classification accuracy. How can it be used for '.mat' or '.dicom' files directly? 2. When 'bagofFeatures' is run on a dataset consisting of about 2500 '.jpg' images, an error is reported citing 'out of memory' and many others pointing to the line where this function is called in the program. How can this be addressed? [8GB memory, 900GB disk, 64-bit ubuntu] Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks, Deepak
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Sachin Meena
Sachin Meena il 3 Set 2018
Does your mat file contain image data as a variable in it? What is the typical image size in your dataset of 2300 images?

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Deepak Sivadas
Deepak Sivadas il 6 Set 2018
Yes, it is a structure. And images are variables in it.

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