Using strcat within the fitrm function

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Hi All. Just wondering why I cannot use strcat function to create the second inout for the fitrm function.
CoV = {'Patient','Gender','Dg'};
CoV2B = 3;
Var2BanalysedA = {'Perc_Aff_t0'}; % Assessment at time 1
Var2BanalysedB = {'Perc_Aff_t1'}; % Assessment at time 2
Var2BanalysedC = {'Perc_Aff_t2'}; % Assessment at time 3
t = [Table_RMA(:,CoV2B),Table_RMA(:,Var2Banalysed), Table_RMA(:,Var2Banalysed+30),Table_RMA(:,Var2Banalysed+60)];
model = strcat(VN(Var2BanalysedA),'-',VN(Var2BanalysedC),'~',CoV(CoV2B));
M = dataset([1 2 3]','VarNames',{'Measurements'});
rm = fitrm(t,'Perc_Aff_t0-Perc_Aff_t2~Dg','WithinDesign',M);
I want to replace 'Perc_Aff_t0-Perc_Aff_t2~Dg' with 'model', Is that possible?

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Luis Eduardo Cofré Lizama
Hi All, found the solution :). Perhaps the prob was my ignorance in using strings. rm = fitrm(t,modek{1},'WithinDesign',M); cheers

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