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error installing embedded coder support package for matlab 2018a

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I am trying to download embedded coder support package for matlab 2018a - it is giving error while downloading third party software: There was a problem downloading the support package. To resolve this issue, see this MATLAB Answer how to go ahead with this installation??

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Akshay Khadse
Akshay Khadse il 10 Set 2018
This error can appear for several reasons, with the main reason being due to a connection error between your computer and the Support Package server. This can happen as the result of security software or firewall on your network or local computer blocking this connection.
To troubleshoot this error, please reference the following article:
If you are still experiencing this error after trying the above, locate your MATLAB installer log file. For more information on locating your installer log file, please reference this article:
If you need further assistance, please contact MathWorks support and attach your MATLAB installer log file.


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