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Error dialog on closing editor window in Matlab

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Hi, Is there a way to have a warning dialog box pop up when closing the editor window? Or a way to easily restore a recently closed editor window and all the m-files that were open in it? I regularly have multiple m-files open and it's very frustrating to reopen all of them individually if I accidentally close the editor window. Thanks.

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Akshay Khadse
Akshay Khadse il 11 Set 2018
Modificato: Akshay Khadse il 11 Set 2018
There is no functionality within MATLAB to get the above behavior at this time. However, there is a MATLAB Answers thread which mentions a File Exchange submission to save, manage and load MATLAB Editor sessions.
Please refer to the below links for the aforementioned resources:
Please note that MathWorks did not author these documents and any questions regarding the contents or functionality should be directed towards the author of the files.

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