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How to turn a 3 phase line into a single line in a Simulink diagram?

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I have modelled a diesel generator on Simulink with the help of Simscape power systems and this serves as a 3 phase (A,B,C) source to a load. I have many more loads and energy storage systems to connect to this microgrid but there is always 3 lines that I have to connect. Is there any way to bundle these 3 lines into just one line to make the diagram look neater?
This is to create a single line diagram.
I tried using the BusCreator but it did not connect to my source because its not a signal that's being output by the Simscape block- it's a power source (electric current)
Many thanks!

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Sambit Senapati
Sambit Senapati il 21 Set 2018
Modificato: Sambit Senapati il 21 Set 2018
You need to convert the three lines coming from source to simulink signal using PS-Simulink converter block. Now, use buscreator to club these lines. In order to connect back these signal to simscape block use an Simulink-PS converter block.
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aldi julio
aldi julio il 5 Ago 2021
I have a problem to convert single line diagram to 3 phase. Is there any way to convert it ?
Kim il 19 Feb 2024
Hi, I also would like to know if there is a way to go from a single line 3-phase to 3 seperate lines in Simulink for measurements.

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