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How to rename several several .mat in a file with rename

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I Have a question about the same subject.
I have several files: FoodS01HealthSession1.mat FoodS01PracticeSession1.mat FoodS01TasteSession1.mat FoodS01TestSession1.mat
That go from S01 to S021 and I would like to all rename them as following FoodSub110HealthSession1.mat FoodSub110PracticeSession1.mat FoodSub110TasteSession1.mat FoodSub110TestSession1.mat
from 110 to 130
I cannot manage doing it using the function rename, as I donnnot know how to correctly code the loop nor using the function.
Could anyone help me?
Thanks a lot

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer il 13 Set 2018
Modificato: Titus Edelhofer il 13 Set 2018
Hi Solene,
this should work
names = {'Health', 'Practice', 'Taste', 'Test'};
for iName = 1:numel(names)
for iFile=1:21
origName = sprintf('FoodS0%d%sSession1.mat', iFile, names{iName});
newName = sprintf('Food%d%sSession1.mat', iFile+109, names{iName});
movefile(origName, newName);
untested but should be more or less it. Edit: make the %d without leading zero and added the leading zero for all files.
Hope this helps,
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Stephen23 il 14 Set 2018
Solene Frileux's "Answer" moved here:
Thank you so much Titus, it works perfectly well. I wish you a very pleasant day, as mine just got really brighter thanks to you!

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