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Trying to launch a MATLAB plot program from a .NET C# windows application

Asked by Paul
on 20 Sep 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Paul
on 11 Oct 2018
Hi, I am trying to call a MATLAB .m file from a C# windows app. I was able to create a .NET assembly using the MATLAB compiler. I added a reference to the dll created by the compiler and had to change the visual studio application properties, platform target to x64 to get the C# app to build ok. I also added the MWArray dll as a reference, not sure if required. It looked like the compiler created 2 dlls, one with the Native keyword added. I included the other dll as well as the MWArray dll as references.
Anyhow I have something like using namespace; also have using Mathworks.NET; I have mlclass mymatlabclass=new new mlclass ();//mlclass is the class name of the matlab assembly. mymatlabclass.method(); the program should launch the MATLAB plot with the second line but just seems to hang running from the debugger in Visual Studio with no errors. I was able to instantiate the class ok.


Just some additional information, When I select the add exported function (maybe you select this to select the main file) I get the error only matlab functions with a single entry point are acceptable as exported functions. Guessing I need to modify the matlab .m file?
Got it to build the package, just added a function at the top of the file. I should be able to post some code soon, thanks!
Still missing something I have using Visual; using Mathworks.MATLAB.NET; I added Visual.dll and MwArray.dll as references to the .net project. Visual is the name of the namespace. I have a button on a windows form and in button select event I have Myclass callMat = new MyClass();//this causes an exception then I tried Myclass callMat = null; and callMat.NameofMethod(); but get null error when calling method, callMat is a null object. The compiler also created a dll called VisualNative.dll, was not sure if I needed to include it with the .net project. Thanks Paul.

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2 Answers

Answer by Paul
on 1 Oct 2018

Hi I should be able to provide some sample code within the next few days. Thanks Paul.


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Answer by Kojiro Saito on 3 Oct 2018

Suppose you have compiled MATLAB function (call "NameofMethod") to .NET assembly (call Visual) and got Visual.dll. I think you need to enclose your codes with "try catch" because the class instantiation and method invocation would make their exceptions at run time.
using Visual;
using Mathworks.MATLAB.NET;
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
Myclass callMat = null;
int numOfOutput = 0;
callMat = new MyClass();
catch (Exception e)
About **native.dll, here is a document. It uses Native .NET API instead of MWArray API.


Ok thanks for the additional information. Any idea why the Mat plot does not launch and the Visual Studio project just hangs up on the method call? I am not sure if there is any way to debug this, thanks Paul.
I'm not sure good way of debugging other than Visual Studio debugger, but there's a document of calling compiled MATLAB plot from C#. Please see this document (in Simple Plot section). It might be helpful.
Ok, thanks I found a permissions error in the windows event viewer but can not tell if it is the issue.

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