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Changable files in matlab compiled executable

Asked by Raimund Kaiser on 24 Oct 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Raimund Kaiser on 26 Oct 2018
I would like to keep an API function as .mexw64-file outside of my Matlab compiled executable, e.g. for the use with different hardware or to later update the API without the need of redeployment. Therefore, I would like to have these API files to be not included in the list "files required for your application to run" of the Matlab Compiler, but in a subfolder of "files installed for your end user". However, since the files/functions are linked in my Matlab code, they are always added in the required list and deployed and thus later not changable.
Has anyone an idea how I could implement a solution? I would really appreciate your help.


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1 Answer

Answer by Kojiro Saito on 24 Oct 2018

How about the following steps?
  • Move the mexw64-file to outside of the current folder (where m file is located)
  • Compile the m file
  • Move the mexw64-file to the current folder of compiled exe


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After moving the mex64-file to outside MATLAB path, did you compile m file again from scratch? i.e., Open Application Compiler, add the m file to exported functions. Not from exisiting .prj file.
You are right, I reused the project-file. I just checked it with a dummy function and it seems like the combination of a new compiler project and API-files outside of the Matlab path works. Thanks a lot. I'm now going to confirm it with the real function.
Hi, the compiling worked, but if I move the mexw to the deployed folder , it either does not find it or in another folder the error message is coming that an "auth file is missing". Does the path of installation need to be added via "addpath" to the Matlab path or should I try something else?

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