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How to execute R file in matlab with Windows?

Asked by Clarisha Nijman on 25 Oct 2018
I have a file in R that I want to include and execute in a Matlab file. My laptop uses Windows. Mathworks gives some suggestion. As I cannot find my file path, I simply saved filename.R and the Matlab file in one folder and use RunRcode(filename.R). But it gives the next error: Undefined variable "TransProbMatrixEen" or class "TransProbMatrixEen.R".
Error in TestParts (line 14) RunRcode(TransProbMatrixEen.R),
Then I read some more, and came across this suggested code: !Rscript TransProbMatrixEen.r Error: 'Rscript' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Does anyone have simple feedback/suggestions?
kind regards,


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