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Polyspace code prover crashes with Internal error

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Error GAA server exited on 26744 seconds timeout Warning: The C2IL translation has been stopped by timeout (after 86400 seconds).
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- --- --- Polyspace has encountered an internal error. Please do one of the following: --- --- * Check if the error comes from your antivirus software. Disconnect from the --- --- network, suspend your antivirus temporarily and restart. --- --- * Check MathWorks Bug Reports or MATLAB Answers for a similar problem and --- --- possible workarounds. --- --- * Contact Technical Support (TS) via: --- --- - To help TS reproduce the issue, provide the results folder in compressed --- --- (.zip) form. The folder includes the log file with your analysis options. --- --- - If you do not want to send the results folder, use Polyspace Obfuscator --- --- to obfuscate details of your code: download the tool on MATLAB Central. --- --- Then provide the and log file. --- --- ---

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Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros il 10 Nov 2018
Modificato: Alexandre De Barros il 24 Nov 2020
This message is the symptom of a scaling behavior, probably due to the size of the project.
Please refer to this other question to know more about how to deal with this kind of behavior.

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