How can I predict label of train images by a classifier which was trained using treebagger?

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Dear All,
I have ten 3D images as train data and one image as test data. It is a classification problem. After creating feature matrix using 10 train images, I trained classifier as follow:
B = TreeBagger(Num_Tree , Feature_A_Norm , Label_A , ...
'Method' , 'classification' , 'OOBPredictorImportance' , ...
'on' , 'MinLeafSize' , Leaf_Size , 'Prior' , 'Uniform' , ...
'MaxNumSplits' , Tree_Depth);
where 'Feature_A_Norm' and 'Label_A' are feature matrix and label of train images, respectively.
Now I need to predict not only label of test image but also train images.
For Test image I used:
[~ , score_Target] = predict(B , Feature_Target_Norm);
where 'Feature_Target_Norm' is feature matrix of test image.
But I am not sure for train images should I use 'predict' function or 'oobPredict' function?I would be really appreciated if you could help me.

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