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Forced step response of a signal

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Donovan Angela
Donovan Angela il 6 Nov 2018
Commentato: Donovan Angela il 7 Nov 2018
I'm pretty new to matlab and I'm having a hard time understanding how the signals &systems part works. All I have to do is find the step response of a system, both a "normal" response and a "forced " response, while having initial conditions. I searched this forum and I couldn't really find something similar. Maybe because it's an easy one but I don't know.
I tried using 'step' but I didn't know how to use the initial conditions with it. Also, I found out 'initial' and I tried using it but it didn't really work out either.

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Aquatris il 7 Nov 2018
I recommend you look into lsim() function, which is a lot more flexible than the step() or impulse() functions, and would be useful for the future as well.

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M il 7 Nov 2018
You can set the initial values of the step using stepDataOptions:
What was the problem with initial ?

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